Monday, March 8, 2010

project wedding cake: miss nat and mr calvin are getting married

i was asked by a friend to make her wedding cake. and after reading the amazing miss deb's (of smittenkitchen) post here, here, here, here, and here... well i must document. so here is the scoop:

3 tiers, stacked
three different cake flavors (coconut, chocolate and vanilla)
three different fillings (caramelcoconut nut, mocha ganache & marscapone vanilla cream)
doilies around the outside

after lots of internet searching, reading and guessing we went ahead and did a trial run. my dear friend miss shelly and i whipped up three 6 inch cakes for the trial. we used smittenkitchens recipes for the chocolate and vanilla cakes as well as her swiss buttercream frosting. i dont know where i would be without debs site... everything that i make from it is gold, pure gold.

so the verdict:
coconut was the favorite among the groom and some guy pals
chocolate was the brides fav
and the vanilla was everyone left favorite (i personally LOVED the vanilla)
so here is how the cake will be put together:
chocolate will be the biggest tier
coconut the middle tier
vanilla the top

oh and so much for documenting because i only got this photo of the trial run:

this was the super spectacular vanilla cake filled with vanilla marscapone cream.
stay tuned for the next installment...

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wedding websites said...

In the UK a traditional wedding cake is a fruitcake covered with white icing. It is arranged in three levels or tiers, with the largest tier on the bottom and and the smallest tier on the top.