Wednesday, March 10, 2010

project wedding cake: the cakes are baked...

after a slight mishap all the cakes are baked and in the freezer. miss shelly and i went to a local bakery to cook the cakes in a big, professional oven. as we were preparing to wrap the cakes in saran wrap... one of the 14inchers crumbled to pieces. it was sad... but no fear we prevailed and baked another and i am happy to say that they are happily awaiting us in the freezer. hooray!

next up... cutting out the doilies...

Monday, March 8, 2010

project wedding cake: the fondant...

so i dont know how many people actually LIKE the taste of fondant, but i dont. it is usually nasty. even the expensive stuff lacks flavor. so i set out on a journey to find a brand that was delish and not crazy expensive...

it doesnt exist. boo hoo!

so i searched again and found miss peggy and her world of cake decorating. i had heard that you should NEVER try making your own fondant that it wont work, taste good or be a good texture. let me just say: WRONG, wrong & so WronG!

miss peggy has a super EASY recipe and with a little added almond emulsion we have a delish tasting almond paste like fondant, which just happens to be the bride, miss nats wish! hooray. so without further ado... here is the fondant, made and in the fridge:

taste test done
fondant done
now onto baking the cakes...

project wedding cake: miss nat and mr calvin are getting married

i was asked by a friend to make her wedding cake. and after reading the amazing miss deb's (of smittenkitchen) post here, here, here, here, and here... well i must document. so here is the scoop:

3 tiers, stacked
three different cake flavors (coconut, chocolate and vanilla)
three different fillings (caramelcoconut nut, mocha ganache & marscapone vanilla cream)
doilies around the outside

after lots of internet searching, reading and guessing we went ahead and did a trial run. my dear friend miss shelly and i whipped up three 6 inch cakes for the trial. we used smittenkitchens recipes for the chocolate and vanilla cakes as well as her swiss buttercream frosting. i dont know where i would be without debs site... everything that i make from it is gold, pure gold.

so the verdict:
coconut was the favorite among the groom and some guy pals
chocolate was the brides fav
and the vanilla was everyone left favorite (i personally LOVED the vanilla)
so here is how the cake will be put together:
chocolate will be the biggest tier
coconut the middle tier
vanilla the top

oh and so much for documenting because i only got this photo of the trial run:

this was the super spectacular vanilla cake filled with vanilla marscapone cream.
stay tuned for the next installment...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a much needed change...

when i first started this blog i was really into card making. i still love making cards but since having hurt my knee and being able to search the internets on a more than regular basis i have found so much more than paper crafting. i still love paper crafting, though i have changed my idea of it, but i love sewing, felting, and so much more. i think that i shall start doing a round up of favorites once a a week for my sanity and for fun.

but first i need to re-install my photo editing software.

Monday, March 1, 2010

oh how time flies....

when you have knee surgery! i am back though and will be posting lots and lots of projects. so happy to have my knee work... at least for the most part!