Monday, March 8, 2010

project wedding cake: the fondant...

so i dont know how many people actually LIKE the taste of fondant, but i dont. it is usually nasty. even the expensive stuff lacks flavor. so i set out on a journey to find a brand that was delish and not crazy expensive...

it doesnt exist. boo hoo!

so i searched again and found miss peggy and her world of cake decorating. i had heard that you should NEVER try making your own fondant that it wont work, taste good or be a good texture. let me just say: WRONG, wrong & so WronG!

miss peggy has a super EASY recipe and with a little added almond emulsion we have a delish tasting almond paste like fondant, which just happens to be the bride, miss nats wish! hooray. so without further ado... here is the fondant, made and in the fridge:

taste test done
fondant done
now onto baking the cakes...

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jacquie said...

drop me your email address and i'd be happy to give you some tips on the shattered glass quilting.