Tuesday, June 21, 2011

for your consideration...

a dear friend of ours was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer a few years back. recently he found out that not only has the original tumor grown (doubled in size) but that it has spread from his lungs down into his pelvis and spine. he is an amazing 27 year old who has had a great attitude and outlook since finding out that a lump on his neck was cancer three and half years ago. he had part of that tumor removed as well as the facial nerve on that side of his face, leaving half his face paralyzed. he went through radiation and is currently having to start another round. due to the rareness of his cancer and unavailable data for new meds, his insurance doesn’t want to cover treatment. and on top of his own needs and health issues one of his daughters was born with genetic 1p36 deletion syndrome.

our friend has two amazing daughters, one of which was born with 1p36 deletion syndrome (disorder that causes severe intellectual disability that affects speech, behavior, hearing and sight, among others). she has had to have eye surgery and see many specialists.
Please help if you can. they need all the help and thoughts and blessings they can get right now.

Here is a link to his blog and a donation site:


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