Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thanksgiving table decor...

so the kids and i spent the weekend making table decor for thanksgiving. i let them choose the stamps and we got to work.

here are our place cards, mint boxes, and "mixture" treat bags:
here is my take on the ever so popular owl treat bags:

and a closeup of one of the little fellas:

my kids really loved these bags so we tweaked the original idea a bit and made them into turkeys. i let the kids do all the punching and gluing... so they are each unique and quite cute. we had a lot of fun making these and they are so excited for everyone to see them on the big day.

the mixture is a favorite of my kids...
2 parts oatmeal cereal
2 parts peanutbutter filled pretzels
1 part mixed dried fruit
1 part mixed nuts
1/2 part chocolate chips


Shelly said...

Okay...girl you are too CRAFTY! i love all your table decor and your way cute treat bags I bet your kids loved makin them...they are so cute!

Leah said...

Your turkey is sooo very cute.I love him.